About Us

All newlywed couples are excited to start their own family, they try and pray so hard to have what they called “their own bundle of joy”, “little mini me” , or “new member of the family” and when that day comes, when all their prayers are answered, they are ecstatic, happy and nervous , yet very expecting.

Mom and Dad are counting every days, weeks and months, getting ready to hold their new love, when that moment has arrived, they have a big smile on their face and their hearts filled with joy.

That little cute baby are looking at them, giving them a cheerful smile, a giggle. You can’t help but hold her on your arms, play with her and spend most of your days just staring at your child, attending to all her needs and enjoying the experience of parenthood, all the wait was worth it.

You want to capture every new development, every new phase of your precious little one , your camera is your best friend or your mobile phone carries the highest camera resolution, you cannot missed the first time she crawl, her first walk, first clap and all her little cute nuances. You take photos of her nearly every day and every single day you have at least 20 photos of her. You take her every place possible, you and your little one is inseparable, each and every year you look forward to her birthdays, from a crawling baby, to her first birthday, to terrible two, to a toddler, to a preschooler and grade schooler. You wish she will not grow too fast.

 As you make the most of your child early life, we want to be part of it.

We at Kiddie Outfit brings to you and to your little one, the trendiest, the cutest and the best quality apparel for your babies and kids.  Our clothes are carefully sewn, finely stitched, exceptionally designed and lovingly made for the comfort of your child and for your pride, that you have the Best Son or Daughter in all the world.

Definitely, your child is already as cute as she is, and we at Kiddie Outfit, we will help her look more classy and more adorable with our high fashion baby and kids clothes. Browse our collection and you will be amazed to see those outfit that's perfect to your little ones. Complete their #OOTD Set.

We have a wide variety of babies and kids clothes on every occasion and every season, surely you can find clothes for your child that fits her style, mood or personality. Shop now and enjoy more new designs coming regularly.

Our Mission is to bring the cutest, trendiest and high fashion babies and kids apparel at a very reasonable price mommies and daddies will love. We can deliver in every part of the world.